Thursday, 31 July 2014

No aggro but ... respect the road the way I do ... because I've got registration (OV13 VNM)

There's  a motorcyclist who seems to like to educate London cyclists about mobile phone use by very direct means - a mirror to the elbow.

OV13 VNM Motorcyclist Deliberately Collides With Cyclist from Bad Swindoom Road Users on Vimeo.
It may get taken down, but I claim 'fair use' as the rider put it in the public domain, for reasons of justice and public interest, and I credit him with full copyright attribution © Alexander Philip Harvey Mitchell (aka Alex Mitchell, 'Ducati Dragons', phantomfighter), OV13 VNM, of
Liveleak may be more resilient
Ducati Dragons motorcyclist knocks over cyclist in London, blames victim and misleads police

It is interesting how the PC leaps on the 'cyclist on the phone' meme, even though the applicable laws refer to motorised vehicles, and initially assumes the cyclist went into the back of the motorbike.
It is not impossible to cross the centre line to overtake.
It suggests it is inadvisable to admit to being less than perfect - say 'To be honest' a lot and you can get away with it. The slightest doubt on your competence and they can kill with impunity.
The amazing thing is he is so sure he is proved innocent by the video, even though it shows him steering his mirror into the cyclist's elbow, nudging and revving!
He may also have been involved in at least one other similar incident

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