Monday, 8 September 2014

Counter-CounterMeasures - Glasses, Goggles, Face-Mask

Things are moving too fast for me here - I have started several 'Countermeasures' posts-in-draft, but it feels more important to post about Counter-CounterMeasures first !

If motorists have reached the stage of squirting liquids in cyclists' faces, then that is another good reason to consider wearing Glasses, Goggles or Face-Mask.

Of course, we don't want to even begin to give the impression that we go out looking for trouble, (like the 'black bloc' or 'wombles' in protest movements) but 'Be Prepared!', as they say.
Note these cyclists had been riding two abreast, narrowing to single file when necessary. Cars were overtaking too slowly (fear of traffic-calming humps ?), and against oncoming traffic, even when the oncoming car put its fog-lights on at 0:27, in addition to full beam.

Because they singled-out, it was taking 6 seconds to overtake the line of 6 cyclists. Oncoming traffic passes the camera at 0:04, 0:20, 0:31, 1:34 seconds, so the road is certainly not busy. It was unwise to choose the 11-second gap to overtake in, but it should have been sufficient if the driver wasn't loitering to cause trouble. If they rode two-abreast, he could even have overtaken in about half the time !

This should be an interesting case to watch in terms of police, CPS, court action.

Update - nope !
VIDEO: Police fail to make arrests in London cyclist group punch-up despite numberplate and video evidence - [ ]

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