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Here's a good idea to save lives

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Here's a good idea to save lives

Cyclists blame everyone except themselves for accidents on the roads or even deaths as cyclists are Incapable in following the highway code and giving the appropriate hand signals to the traffic coming up behind themselves on the roads.  I'm not talking about giving the two finger salute with the first and second finger pointed upwards in the sign of the letter ''V.''
Motorists have to pass their driving test, so why not cyclists?  The re-introduction of the cycling proficiency test must be brought back within the UK to enable cyclists to have proper due care and attention to other motorists and pedestrians who observe the highway code.  
Cyclists jump red lights and even ride on pavements with impunity and think wrongly of course that they are above the law and, oh we must have the cycle super-highways orbiting the London and the surrounding areas, what a load of rubbish and a complete waste of money.  
We are all born and learn how to walk and talk by our parents and hopefully acquire the right intuition to be able to talk effectively between our parents and then in the workplace and so, the same can be said for riding a cycle on the road.  
Cycling by the edge near the pavement and observing the highway code otherwise there will be more untimely deaths on the roads from their incompetentance.  The re-introduction of the Cycling Proficiency Test should be enshrined in Law with immediate effect and should become a criminal offence not to have passed your cycling test and to wear your badge with pride as a capable road user.
The Cycling Proficiency Test was a test given by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) which served as a minimum recommended standard for cycling on British roads. It has been superseded by the new National Standards for Cycle Training, branded Bikeability in England.[1]
The first Cycling Proficiency Test was held for seven children on 7 October 1947.[2] The National Cycling Proficiency Scheme was introduced by the Government in 1958, with statutory responsibility for road safety being given to local authorities in 1974, including the provision of child cyclist training.
The first child to get 100% for this test was Stephen Borrill of Scunthorpe in 1962 and was featured on the front page of the "The News of the World". Stephen was given the honour of "Knight of the Road" presented by the Mayor of Scunthorpe at the council offices in Central Park.


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