Thursday, 1 September 2016

Vigilant or Vigilante ? Why use video ?

Helmet camera "vigilantes" show the cyclists vs motorists battle - [ YouTube ]

Who is the vigilante?
Forever Computing  As long as a cyclist is using the road properly, I'll respect them. The moment they become stupid is when I stop caring for them.
Might is right. A motorcycle will crush a cyclist, there is a lot of mass there.
Forever Computing If a cyclist is an idiot. I will ignore them. If I happen to pass by them very close - so be it. They want to use the road dangerously? I'll make it more dangerous.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Bears Way / Milngavie Road signage

1)Burnbrae RBT - Main St
I'm not sure if pavement cycling is OK here

August 2015 - does TSRGD 956 refer to the side road or main road ?

By Oct 2015 the round sign on the lamp-post was turned round to face those entering Bears Way

Many bike+ped-safety signs (TSRGD 562, orange ground) have been turned round on Bears Way itself - see 3), 4), 5) below

2)Kelvin Timber
Bollard with no reflective sign ?

3)Reid Ave
2x Ped signs hidden to traffic!

4) Junction Kilmardinny Ave
1x Ped sign TSRGD 562 missing - an empty post !

1x other turned edge-to-cars

5) Mosshead Rd
1x Ped sign TSRGD 562 green with moss - not sure about the 'shared path' sign - it's new - side-road pavement? StreetView history implies they took out the red-brick shared use side-road crossing, but put in the shared-use sign !

1x other turned edge-to-cars

I'm not local so can only go by Google StreetView snapshots - things may have changed since !
Worth doing a thorough survey, comparing it to the definitive design ?
I believe I reported most of these via EDC website a year ago.
Is it possible bus/van drivers are worried about hitting the signs ?
Maybe drivers are offended - "Of course we're careful of pedestrians!"
Is it just malicious - involve 'beat bobby' ?

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Criminal Driving (Justice for Victims) Bill

A Bill to make provision to strengthen penalties related to serious criminal driving offences that lead to serious injury or death; to redefine such offences and amend bail conditions for those charged with them; to enhance the standards of investigation, both by the police and in the Courts, into such offences; to improve the treatment of victims of such offences and their families within the justice system; and for connected purposes.