Thursday, 4 February 2016

Responsibility - dangerous roads?

Garden wall smash was 'an accident waiting to happen' - [ Express & Star ]

"It's not the first or last time something like this is going to happening down this road. There is no clear signage on the junction."
"There are a number of issues that worry me sick. We have a primary school nearby, with a number of kids crossing these roads daily, it's incredibly dangerous."

Apart from:
  • The red tarmac
  • 'SLOW' painted on the road
  • 'Beware : bikes'  painted on the road
  • 'Give Way' triangle painted on the road
  • Illuminated signs - 'Give Way' triangle with huge square orange reflective background
  • 'Give Way' double-dashed lines across the road
  • Roadside bollards with reflectors
"No one is to blame for this crash but more needs to be done before a death occurs.It is an accident continuously waiting to happen."
What more could be done ?
Humps ?
Roundabout ?
Traffic lights ?
Chicane ?
Armco Barriers ?

Residents in Northampton collecting signatures for petition about a 'dangerous road junction' - [ Northampton Herald & Post ]

AnotherCrashCaused byIdioticDriving:Excused,Nullified,Tolerated.

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