Thursday, 1 September 2016

Vigilant or Vigilante ? Why use video ?

Helmet camera "vigilantes" show the cyclists vs motorists battle - [ YouTube ]

Who is the vigilante?
Forever Computing  As long as a cyclist is using the road properly, I'll respect them. The moment they become stupid is when I stop caring for them.
Might is right. A motorcycle will crush a cyclist, there is a lot of mass there.
Forever Computing If a cyclist is an idiot. I will ignore them. If I happen to pass by them very close - so be it. They want to use the road dangerously? I'll make it more dangerous.
If they cycle properly, I'll give them room. It's one for one. A bad cyclist will be treated as they treat others. Cyclists who use the roads properly will be given room, patience, whatever.
 I don't have time for those who ignore the traffic rules. If we all ignored them, what would happen? 
Forever Computing As long as you cycle properly you have nothing to worry about. Many cyclists believe reflectors are "enough" 
I was driving up one street to find ONLY the reflectors on the pedals. First on the left, the moved over to the right. It turns out they were coming towards me and not the same direction. 
Cyclists will get themselves killed while drivers try to do everything to avoid it.
If I run you down and you don't have lights - who is to blame? Yes - you. Cyclists are not immune from fault when vehicles are involved. 
Using the roads with cyclists is like letting dogs go rampant. No idea, going everywhere and anywhere, whilst the others know better.  
Eric D +Forever Computing How funny that you watch a video about 'Helmet camera "vigilantes"', and then proclaim yourself policeman, judge, jury and executioner. You are the vigilante, not the guy with just a camera. If your idea of 'proper cycling' is anything like your idea of 'proper justice', you should be headed for prison

Anonymous Comment on a blog
 You have to accept that cycling is dangerous and stop shrieking like a little girl when a car comes close to you. I am a cyclist (5000 miles in 2012)and I sympathise with how you feel when cars come too close, but you act like a baby when it happens. Why do you do this. If you can't handle it stop cycling! I truly feel that you and others like you who film drivers and post the results on YouTube are bad for the cycling community.

The case for and against cycling helmet cameras - [ Jefferies Solicitors ]
"Nevertheless, there are concerns that helmet cameras might harm the already fragile relations between motorists and cyclists, particularly if cyclists are making footage public by posting it online. Many drivers often see cyclists disregarding the rules of the road by failing to signal to other road users or stop at zebra crossings.
By filming a driver’s wrongdoings and sharing it with others, cyclists are more likely to damage rather than improve their reputation on the road. However, arguably, if motorists are driving properly they shouldn’t have a problem with being captured on camera."

How uploading cycling videos damages cycling - [ Croydon Cyclist ]
"a really rough figure of 3% of drivers causing an issue.  This gives the impression to potential and other cyclists that it is worse than it really is."
"Cyclists need to show that we have issues on the road and we are often ignored by authorities because we are the smaller vehicle. But it can have a bad side effect of putting people off cycling and making people think that cyclists are the bad one.

Of course the camera also records the wearers actions, and dashcams also catch silly cyclists
See how many of these are motorcyclists, though!

And motorists can use footage to show cyclists, too ! © Andrew Cudd, Cypress Garden Services

Ideally, of course you would have both viewpoints - HelmetCam and DashCam!
Evo Lucas on Twitter: "Here are both videos of some vehicle interaction in Bristol."

Cyclist accuses police of ignoring close pass video footage - [ ]
"Internet cycle justice warriors (CJWs) are going to increase tension and screw things up for all of us. "
"Thames Valley Police also refuse to take action and are now saying they are only interested in the "Fatal Four""
"a collision must occur for the driving to be below an acceptable standard"  ?
 "I commute 5000 miles a year by bike. I see my fair share of bad driving, but don't feel the need to get a camera. I fact I'm sick of cameras intruding into every aspect of daily life. Do I feel any safer and notice anyone driving better now that people are videoing rides and sending them to the police - NO. Do I get more abuse from drivers who see cyclists as the enemy - YES.
it does create a them and us, which impacts on all cyclists, not only those who choose to use cameras. 
This constant reporting of incidents on social media is making the problems worse in my experience. It's polarising attitudes to cyclists."
 "as drivers are usually at fault we need to be even more careful not to antagonise people "
If cyclists want to stay safe on the roads, then they need to respect motorists - [ Sean O'Grady, The Independent ]
"Cyclists are vulnerable – and all the more reason then for them to obey red lights, to stay off pavements, to avoid undertaking and to stop taking chances by squeezing through impossibly small gaps in the traffic"
police harrass drivers  ... put their own lives and those of fellow road (and pavement) users in danger ... replicating the Tour de France ... six abreast ... Cyclists are vulnerable. so we should actually encourage people to get off their bikes ... camera vigilantism can cause more trouble than it stops
Assertive vs aggressive?
Cambridge Cycling Campaign » Newsletter 20 (October 1998) - Cyclist Threatens Driver with Note

Cyclist Jeremy Vine reveals he films bad drivers and sends footage to police | Transport | News | London Evening Standard

Met police has no idea how many cyclists are sending it helmet-cam footage - [ rosslydall ]

The psychology behind the dashcam - [ Roadhawk Blog ]
Loophole lawyer says motorists should 'fight back' against 'goading' cyclists - [ Cycling Weekly ]
Careless driver fined thanks to evidence from [horse] rider's hat camera - [ Horse & Hound ]
Swansea motorist pleads guilty after cyclist captures near miss on film - [ ]
Manchester cyclist launches one-man campaign to shame city's reckless drivers - [ Daily Mail Online ]
Cycling vigilantes are doing more harm than good - [ Telegraph ]
"cyclists are actually more likely to break the rules of the road than motorists" - (Andrew Critchlow's own experience as a cyclist himself ! ) - "... defeats, for me, the very purpose of riding a bicycle: freedom to do as I please within reason."
WATCH: Shocking moment lorry driver rams car on M1 - Mansfield and Ashfield - [ Chad ]
NB Matt Stockdale is part (Chairman ?) of
Matthew Stockdale & THAT Road Rage Incident - [ Legal Lifeboat Services ]
BBC respond to Matt Stockdale and THAT Road Rage incident - [ Legal Lifeboat Services ]
Lorry driver accused of ramming car on M1 in Northamptonshire found not guilty - [ Northampton Chronicle and Echo ]

Taxi driver fined for knocking cycling campaigner off bike - [ Taxi Driver Online ]

Plymouth idiots to feature on The World’s Deadliest Drivers - [ Plymouth Herald ]
STOP THE DANGER DRIVERS: Police in Bradford mount covert patrols to catch motoring menaces - [ Bradford Telegraph and Argus ]
"police officers using unmarked bicycles in Bradford, West Yorks, have been issued with head cameras to capture examples of dangerous driving"
Lollipop ladies secretly film dangerous drivers with head cameras - [ London Evening Standard ]
Video: Cyclist has words with driver in Aldi after "punishment pass" - [ ]
Car Crash Britain Caught on Camera 1 - [ YouTube ]
Maidstone cyclist captures near miss in Dean Street - [ ]
 I think this type of footage does cyclists no favours. 
 only thing this piece does is antagonise road users. Darn helmet cam warriors. Joke! 
Rebel Without A Pause: Mitchell Runs Red Light On Bike - [ Guido Fawkes ] - pedestrian-cam !
Careless driver fined thanks to evidence from rider’s hat camera – [ Horse & Hound ]
This bin man stopped his round to help a horse when it became nervous on the road - [ Wales Online ]
Idiot car driver does not slow down for horse riders. Road Rage UK - [ YouTube ]
Richard Taylor - taking a camera into public meetings ...
The Legailty of Camera use - [ Cycle Camera TV ]
Rights to privacy - am I invading them? - [ The Cycling Lawyer ]
Bristol Traffic and your privacy rights - [ Bristol Traffic ]
"Is @Dialacab ok with its drivers blocking cycle boxes + calling cyclists fucking c***s? 00371 did nr LivSt just now" - [ Georgie Agass on Twitter ] - 'pics or it didn't happen'
Pollution cameras measuring emissions from cars installed on London's polluted streets - [ ITV News ]
Helmet cams cause cyclist confrontation - [ Drive East Midlands ] - no mention of camera in 2nd link ! Over-sensitive guy ?
An open letter to "The Justice League of Video Cyclists" - [ JoeSoap76 ]
When will cyclists learn? - [ Drive East Midlands ] - troll
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Taxi driver caught filming at wheel by Traffic Droid - [ ]
Shocking footage shows London cabbie filming cyclist as he drives with passengers onboard - [ Mirror ]
Are Helmet Cameras 'Black Boxes' for Cyclists? - [ TreeHugger ]
Warning to dangerous drivers: Motorists might catch you on video - [ Daily Mail Online ]
Northamptonshire man fined nearly £500 after being caught on camera dropping litter - [ Northampton Chronicle and Echo ]