About Motorism

Motorism - formerly known as Motocracy !

I'm creating this blog to record and debate the state of road use in the UK.
I shall not necessarily publish in chronological order - I reserve the right to edit, merge, split my posts as this 'blog' evolves.
I have delayed publicising the blog to avoid it changing completely after launch.
I may restructure it : posts each confined to one incident, medium or location (for geo-tagging) : pages that discuss several incidents and extract observations, recommendations and conclusions ?

Highway Code Update

My main aim is to campaign to get the UK Highway Code updated to harmonise with Bikeability - the UK National Standard for Cycle Training.

eg these need clarified :
  • 'Keep to the left' 
  • 'as much room as overtaking a car' 
  • single file 'on narrow or busy roads' 
  • 'Never obstruct drivers who wish to pass' 
  • 'look all around before moving away from the kerb'
... and many, many more !

I think there is some mileage in 'wikifying' the Highway Code, as a forum for debate and re-drafting.
www.highwaycode.info has been around for years, but only attracted a handful of comments !

OK, the Highway Code is largely ignored, but widely-read.


is a dual-purpose domain name:
  1. 'primary position' perceived as 'riding in the middle of the road' - to discourage dangerous overtaking
  2. 'lanes' as quiet country roads - to suggest we can actually cycle from one town to another: most debate is limited to cycling within one town


is a neologism implying a deeply ingrained prejudice in favour of motoring.
The word first occurred on Green Bristol Blog - And Quiet Flows the Avon in 2010, in the context of poor decisions by council highway planning departments.

Chris Hutt's definition was
Institutional Motorism - a deep rooted prejudice in favour of motorised traffic at the expense even of the safety, let alone the convenience, of those that dare to travel on foot or bicycle
It is interesting that it first occurred at the level of 'institutional motorism', whereas 'institutional racism' only emerged at the time of the Macpherson report.

It chimes with calls for motorism to be regarded as a 'hate crime'.

My 'hidden agenda' is a hope that the word 'motorist' will eventually be heard by society as an insult, like 'racist'. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines 'motorism' as 'addiction to or practice of motoring'.

I shall understand if you consider that I am exaggerating, as long as you let me think of you as 'in denial'. If you think things aren't really that bad, take it as a salutary lesson - an example of how bad things might become. Work with me to prevent my dystopian vision becoming reality ...

Not to be confused with 'Car-Racist'.

'Motorism' could also refer to car-addiction, like alcoholism.
A Therapy Created to Treat Addiction Is Being Used to Reduce Car Reliance - [ CityLab ]

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