Further Sources of Info

I have come across some huge international research resources cataloguing thousands of articles.
Where possible I have added them to my Google Custom Search - I intended it to be UK-centric, but a few top-quality resources from abroad could be useful. Currently they are labelled 'geo', with the intention that you put the name of your region of interest in as a keyword eg "East Midlands" or "Democratic Peoples Reublic of Korea".

If you exclude sites labelled 'geo' in Advanced Search (that link does it for you by adding [less:geo]) then it should be very much UK-centric again. However it will also exclude all local sites within the UK ! ie 'British Cycling' but not 'London Cycling Campaign'.

I've added a few sources from velo.info 'Search on Cycling' which is actually part of Civitas.eu's MIMOSA search.

TRIP - [ Transport Research & Innovation Portal ] is indexed by Google.

CycleScape is a UK activist groups' resource.

However, Google does not index ARRB Knowledge Base - [ formerly ‘Australian Road Research Board' ]

And Velo Mondial is a website lovingly crafted in Adobe Flash, which means it is barely accessible to humans, let alone Google !

DiVA portal is a finding tool for research publications and student theses written at 34 nordic universities.


It is hardly surprising if Google does not understand mapping sites: