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Myths, Fallacies and Misunderstandings

Cycle Speed Limits
Mandatory Cycle Lanes
Use of Cycle Paths

Cycle Speed Limits

Road speed limits technically only apply to motorised traffic, but speeding on a bike is extremely likely to contravene other rules - 'furious and wanton riding' probably pre-dates the wheel !

One from comments on Walking or cycling to work 'improves well-being' - BBC News.
"highway codes specifically advises cyclists that exceed 18mph should use the road, not the shared path"
This was never approved policy, but a 2004 suggestion on a DfT consultation document for shared-use segregated paths. It has appeared on a sign at the entrance to an off-road trail. [citation needed]

It did make it into 'LTN 2/04 - Adjacent and Shared Use Facilities for Pedestrians and CyclistsAnnex D: Code of Conduct Notice for Cyclists'
"suggested as the basis for a code of conduct notice for cyclists. The code could be posted at points of entry and at intervals along the route."

  • If a feature segregating cyclists from pedestrians is present, keep to the cyclist's side. This will be indicated on blue and white road signs and by cycle logos on the surface.

  • Ride on the left hand side of the area available to you. If you need to overtake another cyclist, give a gentle ring on your bell or say 'Excuse me'.
  • When coming up behind pedestrians, always pass them at a safe distance, and slowly enough so that you could avoid them if they made a sudden change in direction.
  • Remember that some pedestrians may be hard of hearing or visually impaired and hence might not be aware of you. If in doubt, give a gentle ring on your bell or say 'Excuse me'.
  • Always respect pedestrians even if they stray onto the cycling side (if there is one); they are entitled to do so. Always thank people who move out of your way.
  • Ride at a sensible speed for the situation and ensure you can stop in time. As a general rule, if you want to cycle quickly, say in excess of 18 mph/30 kph, then you should be riding on the road.
  • Use lights at night.
  • In pedestrianised areas, only ride your cycle if there aren't too many pedestrians about; otherwise dismount and push it. When visiting shops etc, park your cycle so that people will not trip over it; use formal cycle parking if available." 
  • In line with the original purpose of this blog, correcting the Highway Code:
    Speed Limits - UK Cycling Law
    Note that the Highway Code rule 124 states speed limits are in the table, but the table has no row that applies to bicycles. There is a bit of a fault in that a footnote to the table does indeed state that "The 30 mph limit usually applies to all traffic" (my emphasis), but that appears to be a wrong statement (there are a few such careless statements in the Highway Code).

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    Mandatory Cycle Lanes

    It is illegal for motorists to enter them, not for cyclists to ride outside them.
    Ignore him if your driving instructor might tell you otherwise !

    Use of Cycle Paths

    the site of
    Cyclist dies after collision with car in Northamptonshire road - [ Northampton Chronicle and Echo ]
    Note the comments from readers.
    'mylocat' : I understand that there is a cycle path alongside this road, so what was he doing on the road?
    'Annoyed from Northampton (ex-Traffic Warden !)' : A gentleman of 70, probably didn't realise that there was a cycle lanes, as the older generation are usually more law abiding than the younger generation. SAD, R.I.P.
    At this point the road widens to three lanes - I don't know if other cars were waiting in the centre lane to turn right into Sidegate Lane. You can see from the car's shadow that the lane width is such that a car might be able to get past a bike in the same lane, if he were not in primary position. Not safely, obviously.
    Update : Northampton woman who caused death of cyclist jailed for five months - [ Northampton Chronicle and Echo ]

    UPDATE: Cyclist in hospital after crash on Hampshire road - [ Daily Echo (Southampton) ]
    has a comprehensive array of Myths, Fallacies and Misunderstandings in the comments.

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    This page is really for myths about the Highway Code and Law, but
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