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Two Tribes Go To War (people, vehicles, modes)

Some people ask "Why can't we all just get along?"
This is the thinking behind 'Shared Spaces' and 'Share the Road'.
(not to be confused with 'shared space' - roads are shared space by default : exceptions include motorways and 'mandatory cycle lanes').

They generally object to the distinction between cyclists and motorists - "Sometimes I cycle, sometimes I drive, so the distinction is artificial - I am both".

If this approach really worked, there would be no problem.
There is a problem, so maybe it doesn't work ?
Am I missing something ?

Transport for London are trying to appeal to our better natures, in their "Share the Road - Be the Voice of Reason" campaign: among cyclists, pedestrians and drivers (watch all 4 videos)

Get stuck in, or rise above it ?
Lash out, or move on ?
Subtle hint of consequences with the wheelchair.
Nicely done, M&C Saatchi !

It might get taken too far - some balance is needed :
"It's just a flesh wound ..."

Russia has its own approach:

I wonder if it could be compared to the enmity between 'Mods and Rockers' in the 50s ?

It certainly existed in 1950 in America:

The different mindset even makes communicating difficult
I find it hard to make out what Keith Peat is trying to say.
Also, contrast
Cycling Proficiency Part Of The Driving Test? - [ Diary Of An ADI ]
Diary of an ADI - [ Dave McCraw ]

London taxi drivers go on about cyclists jumping red lights yet when a taxi driver gets on a bike for a documentary guess what he does. - ITV

Pedestrians - Living Streets Edinburgh

Roseburn to Leith consultation begins - [ CityCyclingEdinburgh Forum ]
A massive stooshie where pedestrians apparently opposed plans for a segregated cycle lane.
Despite 'Stop the Cycle Trak' and 'No to the Cycle Track' headlining in MSM, their actual position is
* we support the vast majority of the route
* we have two concerns over details - important details, but, in the great scheme of things, details
* firstly, floating bus stops
* secondly, at the east of Princes Street, we think that any space for new cycleways should come from vehicle space, not walkers space
Strange ! Note some are dressed as "I'm a keen cyclist myself", and 69 (?) self-identified as cyclists on the petition.
"they accused the council of “declaring war on the car
- sounds like infiltration !

Often Drivers are Cyclists too !

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